Monogrammed Accessories, Clothing & Gifts that are custom made in the South

I was raised by a strong, spirited, and creative Mama who constantly wowed and amazed me with her artistic talents and drive. My farmer Daddy taught me the importance of the land, a strong handshake, to work hard and be fair and how to admire beauty in the simple things.

My Grandmothers and my Mother taught me to sew on the same old Singer sewing machine tables I use now. I even use my Mama's old (it's vintage y'all) tape measure and seam ripper on a daily basis.

As a teenager, working at my Mama's side at national trade shows for her successful counted cross stitch design business in the 80's allowed me to see all aspects of a home-grown business and how, hopefully, to juggle a business and raise a family. She instilled in me the importance of going the extra mile, trying to provide more than just the expected and to always put my heart into each thing I create.

Now, as a mother myself, I hope I inspire and challenge my children as much as my Mama, Daddy, and Grandmothers did me. Watching my kids' eyes light up when they create something from scratch makes me smile and warms my heart to be granted the chance to pass down the skill and creativity gifted to me so many years ago.

I am in awe at the opportunity to create items for you and your family and friends. Thank you so much for visiting my shop and for choosing Feathered Nest Boutique.

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